Let’s face it. The number of people online today is more than half the population of the world. SO if your sightline is not online, you are out of the sync with the rest of the world that is already living the digital age. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram has more than two billion active users. The number of active Pinterest users are increasing day by day. Android has more than two billion installations, worldwide smartphone shipments are higher than ever before. You would be living in the fool’s world if you were to blind-sight yourself to the dawn of the digital age world wide. The worldwide web or the internet is a reality and presents immense opportunities for realizing all kinds of commercial and personal goals. It the repository of the largest amount of information in the world. The advertising revenue that Google or Face book makes is higher than the combined revenue of the three largest television networks in the United States. So already the viewership of youtube videos is higher than some of the most popular television programs.

Online marketing involves carefully dovetailed advertisement campaigns that target the niche market segment. If a company makes office software. It has to market it on professional sites like Linked In, which is the networking site of professionals worldwide. That too if the software relates to say a process in the steel industry then the focus of marketing campaign narrows to those companies that are makers of steel and steel products worldwide. Thus the makers can let us say come up with an online marketing campaign and direct that campaign to specific companies through sites like Linked In and design email marketing specially directed at steel making companies through lets a feature like mail merge that allows mass emails to be sent and that too with a single content.

The threshold of the marketing budget for mass media, be it print or electronic, that is radio and television is very high and is not focused. The television is broadcast to everyone. Irrespective of the work status or industry affiliation of the individual. Thus if a business has large revenue and can afford to mass market through television, radio, and newspapers, and that too their target audience is every individual then it makes sense for them to market their product or services through the mass media, but if company is small or midsized, the mass media threshold is difficult to reach. Hence online marketing represents a unique opportunity for small and midsized businesses to market on a media than being restricted to line of sight marketing. And then too, online marketing, be it mass emails or posts on social media sites or video advertisement clips embedded into Youtube videos that are smartly programmed using machine learning algorithms save precious financial resources of small businesses while focusing their marketing efforts.

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