If you are running a service industry then you must have the online presence. Research says more than 70% of the business in the hotel & travel industries comes from online.

There is the significant difference between the online booking system AND the traditional booking system.

Traditional Booking

Online Booking

You need to call or physically visit or need to send your agent to check for the availabilities, which is time-consuming. You can instantly check the availabilities through online.
You can’t see the description or accommodation mentioned anywhere. The accommodation along with the description is there on online
The rate and rebate is not fixed The rate and subsequent rebate is applicable
Couldn’t tally the prices with accommodation with other hotels Instantly tally the prices with accommodation with other hotels. Good hotel booking site does have the comparison mechanism
You couldn’t share your experience publicly You can share your experience with others through online. Good hotel booking site does have the customer feedback/rating option

There are lots of other features available with the online which is not available with the manual booking system.

The feature which I love in Online Booking platform is, the agent of Booking site will visit you physically when you were staying in the hotel and ask if everything goes well OR if the hotel exactly provides those services which they have mentioned? If they are not then you can complain about it and ask for the refund OR you can switch to another hotel.